Discounts for repeat clients

We are very grateful for your long-time business with us and enjoying our paper flowers. Although we provide competitive price we are glad to reward our loyal customers as well. And it's simple to get! Placing your next order please use your current username. And discount base amount will be accumulated automatically. As soon as you get the first level your discount will be calculated automatically . You don’t have to do anything, just place your orders freely!

As soon as your total purchases amount reaches over $3.000 you'll start enjoy 2% discount
when it reaches over $5.000 you'll get 3% discount
over $10.000 you'll get 5% discount
over $20.000 - 7% discount
over $35.000 - 10% discount

And your discount will never expire!

VIP policy discounts and coupon codes discounts can't be uses together. If you're already qualified for VIP policy discount and submit coupon code as well we will calculate only one discount for you whichever is the bigger.

Please anytime you order from us log in with the same email address to be sure that your discount is accumulating.