Stay calm and buy paper flowers


While mass media post all that bad stories of corona virus we stay calm and healthy:) We follow precautions and keep working as usual and make paper flowers for hair accessories and scrapbooking!

World Health Organization confirms that virus can not be spread in distance via letters and parcels. So postal transactions are ON for most of countries.

So we keep sending our wholesale paper flowers worldwide. Unfortunately some countries (as Austria, Czech Republic, India, Latvia, The Philippines) have suspended incoming international mail for a while.

Meanwhile postal and customs facilities in USA, Canada, Australia, other EU countries, United Kingdom, South Africa, Singapore, Japan and many other keep operating as usual.
And we are happy to send our products to all these countries!

Delivery times are the same as usual. For standard delivery it takes only :
1-2 weeks to delivery to EU, UK and South East Asia
2-4 weeks - to USA, Canada
2-5 weeks to Australia, South Africa, Brazil and other countries.

Stay calm and keep buying our paper flowers:)


In our shop you may buy all mulberry paper flowers with wholesales packs with low prices. Please keep in mind that there is no minimum purchase. Free worldwide shipping from Thailand for orders over US $100 and free EMS express delivery for orders over US$250!


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