Spring inspiration


It's not a secret that the most popular scrapbook embellishments and material are flowers, mostly paper roses. But nowadays another types of flowers are "rising". We are talking about cherry blossoms and poppy flowers!

These lovely flowers inspire many scrappers for gorgeous projects. Stylish, girlie or romantic! 

Cherry blossoms are good to add spring breeze and fresh look to your layouts and cards, natural and lively. They are medium sized, approx. 3/4 inch. So only 2-3 flowers are enough to get lovely and nice creation. Small  3/8" size are also available!

Poppy flowers sizes vary as well. You may use some small 3/4" ones to get "meadow scenery".

Or add a huge 1 5/8" magnolia blossom for amazing result. These big poppy flowers are also know as magnolias and may be a center of your work or emphasize and point your photo out.  

In our shop you may buy all flowers with wholesales packs with low prices. And we are happy to deduct prices of our cherry blossoms and poppy paper flowers  to let you order more flowers and check it's quality by yourself! This promotion will expire on 24:00 UTC February 20, 2015. Don't miss out! 

Please keep in mind that there is no mininum purchase. And all orders over $100 will be shipped for free!

We wish you pleasant shopping and happy sales!