Benefits for you

We know that keeping work-life balance may be challenging now. So every day we care about our clients and you may focus on your business and spend more time with your family.


When you deal with you enjoy these benefits:


 All items you see on the website are in stock right now and it's ready for dispatch. You don't have to wait for weeks or months when factory manufactures items for your order. Once we receive you order we start fulfilling and prepare it for shipping. And send it out as soon as possible to let you receive it shortly. 



All orders on our website are eligible for free airmail delivery or free express delivery. Most of our clients receive their orders with air delivery within 2-3 weeks, with express delivery within 1 week. 

Not sure if we can ship to your country?
We deliver worldwide - to USA, Europe, UK, Canada, Australia, Philippines and many other countries.
For sure we can double check all delivery options for you. Simply email us and we will help you!



We cherish our clients and appreciate your business. As your business grows with us we increase your personal discount. It never expires and you may always count on it! 




Our subscribers receive promotions and special offers. If you subscribe (on the bottom of this page) you'll definitely get it! However we keep our prices good and profitable for your business so sales happen on rare occasions. 



If you run your business and need tax documents we always provide it, just note that placing your order.  We also operate legally and happy to provide your tax invoices which help you to file your business expenses and claim tax refunds in your country.